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Trauma Therapist and Life Coach

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About kelley

As a licensed Marriage and Family ​Therapist, I help clients identify ​patterns in their life, develop coping ​skills and self care practices so they ​can achieve a sense of ​empowerment, mastery and ​fullfillment​.

Services Provided

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Least invasive way to ​reprocess traumas of the ​past. Visual gazing ​while processing and rele​asing blocking bel​iefs.


Bilatetal stimulation of the left ​and right side of the brain. ​Reprocces traumatic memory ​neurologically, somatically ​and cognitively.


Get to know all the parts of ​you that helped you survive ​trauma and adversity. Learn ​to unburden those parts and ​and identify your authentic ​self.​

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